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+380 (99) 905-51-32 Дирекция
+380 (62) 348-48-01 — Дирекция
+380 (50) 428-94-41 — Дирекция
Украина,Донецкая область, Донецк,83050, ул. Розы Люксембург, 48 Б Донецкая область, Донецк г., Украина
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Expomix Ltd.
+380 (99) 905-51-32
Украина,Донецкая область, Донецк,83050, ул. Розы Люксембург, 48 Б, Донецк

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О компании

Our company is specialized on production and export of agricultural commodities. One of our main assets is Agricultural Complex "Solncevo" (Telmanivskiy district of Donetsk region, Ukraine) which is engaged into industrial cultivation of the following crops: wheat, barley, oats, sunflower, corn, millet etc.

The priority activities of our company are export of sunflower oil and crops. Thanks to the established relations with producers and own industrial base our company is ready to offer to its customers competitive prices, high quality products and good service in combination with comfortable payment terms. In contrast to the majority of suppliers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, we are able to offer you work on a letter of credit and deferred payment terms. Deferred payment terms are discussed individually.

Our company goal is to work directly with the end user or his agent to establish long-term business relationships and stable operation for the benefit of both parties and further growth (win-win situation).

You are welcome to send your requests through the emails provided or call during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

Товары и услуги
- Шрот подсолнечный,
- feed wheat,
- Продам арбуз Продюсер,
- Rapeseed oil.
+380 (99) 225-19-20
ул. Куйбышева70, Донецк, Украина, Донецк
+380 (50) 575-17-45
ул. Складская 18, оф 3, Донецк, Украина, Донецк
+380 (66) 386-22-66
улица Куйбышева 68, Донецк, Украина, Донецк
+380 (62) 385-35-96
Освобождение Донбасса 8-б, Донецк, 83048, Украина, Донецк
+380 (50) 829-60-24
бул. Шевченко 12, Донецк, 83017, Украина, Донецк
+380 (66) 107-00-35
Донецкая обл, Донецк, Украина, Донецк

Кратко об организации

Фирма Expomix Ltd. из Донецка предоставляет заказчикам товары и услуги в направлении Энергетическое оборудование. Компанию можно найти по адресу Украина,Донецкая область, Донецк,83050, ул. Розы Люксембург, 48 Б в Донецке. Связаться с представителем организации Expomix Ltd. по интересующим Вас вопросам вы можете по телефонам +380 (99) 9055132, +380 (62) 3484801, +380 (50) 4289441, на сайте 111449.ua.all.biz.