Software Developing Group IntepSolutions

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+380 (50) 524-91-75
Acad. Proskury Str., 1, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Харьков, 61085, Украина Харьковская область, Харьков г., Украина
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Software Developing Group IntepSolutions
+380 (50) 524-91-75
Acad. Proskury Str., 1, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Харьков, 61085, Украина, Харьков

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О компании

The Ukrainian Software Developing Group IntepSolutions has extensive experience in the development of Software in all stages of lifecycle, including requirements specification, development, construction, implementation, testing and support.

We are ready to provide a large scale of projects of high quality according to your requirements. Our high-qualified staff is in a position to develop even the most complex software and conduct all kinds of necessary testing. Our services include the localization of existing software products and their adaptation to your specific requirements.

Scope of services:

Web development (ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, JSON, HTML5, XML/XSLT, jQuery, DoJo, Script#

Mobile apps (Android) (Mobile Android 2.2+ with .NET-based back-end ASP.NET MVC + WCF, Flurry Analytics)

Desktop development (WPF, WinForms)

Server-side development (WCF, SQL Server, SSRS, SSAS, Full-text search, MSMQ)

Clouds (Windows Azure, Amazon)

OS: Windows, Linux

We have been specialized for several years in the application of .NET Framework, using a number of different technologies for the creation of software products, including:


Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

C/C++, C#

Microsoft Silverlight


Windows XP Embedded

MS Access

Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE


We develop software for industrial controllers and process control systems, using the following special tools:

- iFix

- inTouch

- Cimplicity

- Citect

- Visual Designer

PLC tools:

- Cimplicity Machine Edition

- Step 7

- Concept

- CodeSys

Developing projects we improve our skills in creating solutions:

Client-server databases

Client-server applications

Web-applications and Web-servers

Distributed software

Built-in software

Clusters and redundant systems

Our highly-skilled team:

4 projects managers

2 specialists in business analysis

10 IP development specialists

and testing group of 4 persons


● the design and implementation of the automated energy metering systems for the 7 hydro power plants;

● the design and commissioning of hydraulic turbine speed governor for HPP;

● the design and implementation of electric utility automated metering systems for more than 10 thermal energy companies.

Fields of chemical and metallurgical production:

● the development and commissioning of automated process control systems, automated access control, perimeter security systems and electric utility automated metering systems.

Год основания:2009
Количество сотрудников:5-10 человек
Товары и услуги
- Software development for Industrial controllers,
- C/C++, C# desktop development,
- Mobile apps development (Android),
- Server-side development,
- Software testing.
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+380 (93) 406-02-27
ул. Новгородская 3-а, Харьков, Украина, Харьков
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+380 (67) 626-00-90
ул. Б. Хмельницкого, 6, Харьков, Украина, Харьков
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+380 (50) 343-75-56
ул. Ольминского,18, Харьков, 61120, Украина, Харьков
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+380 (57) 764-20-06
ул.Пушкинская, 53-Б, Харьков, Украина, Харьков
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+380 (67) 103-55-55
ул. Энгельса, 16, Харьков, Украина, Харьков
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+380 (68) 888-91-64
Украина,Харьковская область, Харьков,61002, ул. Фрунзе, 13, м. Пушкинская, Харьков

Кратко об организации

Компания Software Developing Group IntepSolutions из Харькова предлагает клиентам товары и услуги в сфере деятельности Разработка программного обеспечения. Располагается по адресу Acad. Proskury Str., 1, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Харьков, 61085, Украина в Харькове. Связаться с представителем компании Software Developing Group IntepSolutions по всем вопросам вы можете по телефону +380 (50) 5249175, на сайте, по e-mail