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+380 (4840) 61120
переулок Белинского, 63, Измаил, 68600, Украина Одесская область, Измаил г., Украина
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+380 (4840) 61120
переулок Белинского, 63, Измаил, 68600, Украина, Измаил


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EUROTRANS LOGISTICS INC is European Danube shipping company.

EUROTRANS LOGISTICS INC has been created in 2011 by the group of enthusiasts of the sea transportation and port services business.

EUROTRANS Logistics Inc. offers all kinds and completed services for freight of sea and Danube river going vessels and river port ship agency.

EUROTRANS Logistics Inc provides services for the transportation of general, bulk, liquid and out gauged goods on the navigational part of the river of Danube is performed by different type and size river barges and self propelled vessels.

EUROTRANS Logistics Inc is working with chartered river vessels from Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, German, etc. carriers, operating on The Danube river.

We arrange multimodal transportation with reloading of rail road wagons and from vessels in Ismail, Reni, and Constanta onto river vessels with possibility for cargo delivery to the Danubian ports pertained to Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

There is a possibility to perform transportation of cargoes coming from the Danubian ports via the ports of Ismail, Reni and Constanta to world wide sea ports with ocean going vessels.

Successful cooperation with the largest ship owners allows us to offer our customers competitive rates of river freight on Danube River, the minimum transit time of river transportation, advantageous terms of freight payments.

Basic reasons that distinguish us from the rest and to use service of our company:

- We speak Russian, English, Romanian, Moldavian and Ukrainian.

- We are Europeans. All borders are open to us. We could follow Your interests in Europe.

- We are located in the City on Danube.

- We work without intermediaries

- We work 24 hrs /7 Days

- Stable position of the company in the field of river carriages.

We are part of international holding.

- we are ship managers / operators

- experienced

- You trade We carry

Товары и услуги
- Инвестиции в судоходство на Дунае,
- Danube shipping services,
- Услуги перевозки грузов по Дунаю.
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Компания EUROTRANS LOGISTICS INC из Измаила предлагает клиентам услуги и товары в сфере деятельности Транспортная логистика. Организацию можно найти по адресу переулок Белинского, 63, Измаил, 68600, Украина в Измаиле. Связаться с контактным лицом компании EUROTRANS LOGISTICS INC по всем вопросам вы можете на web-странице, по номеру +380 (4840) 61120.