Index Finance Limited

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+380 (93) 814-24-41
Киев, Киев, Украина Киевская область, Киев г., Украина
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Index Finance Limited
+380 (93) 814-24-41
Киев, Киев, Украина, Киев

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О компании

Index Finance Limited is a trading company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our company is supplying various products around the world but most of all we deal with building materials, minerals, metallurgy, energy and machinery. We usually work as an agent, export supplier or just mediator.

We work on FOB, CIF and CFR conditions. Some products can be delivered not only by sea but also by air,road or railway. All our products are packed according to international standards of shipping and transportation. As a buyer you can always choose the most convenient way of packing for your needs. We usually accept 100% Irrevocable Letter of Credit or T/T as a mean of payment.

Our suppliers are reliable manufacturers from all over the world. We only sell products of high quality for competitive prices, because we work with suppliers directly for many years. New suppliers are carefully checked by our company for avoidance of any possible troubles in future.

Now we have a lot of regular and stable clients buying our products all over the world. It is a fact that we are working with our suppliers and clients for many years because of the points mentioned above. We are really keen on our business and confirmation of this is new reorders from our clients.

If you are interested in selling or buying any product, if you would like to find new customers or order high quality product from world’s best suppliers – you are in the right place. Do not waste your time and feel free to contact us.

Товары и услуги
- Курсы девелоперов.
+380 (95) 930-70-00
ул. Ак. Курчатова, 5, офис 7, Киев, Украина, Киев
+380 (44) 201-04-10
ул. Патриса Лумумбы 4/6А, офис 610, Киев, 01042, Украина, Киев
+380 (93) 857-08-17
Киев Захидна 1/6 оф 41, Киев, Украина, Киев
+380 (96) 970-62-13
ул. Оросительная, 2, Киев, 02099, Украина, Киев
+380 (93) 800-53-33
Воздухофлотский пр-кт 96, Киев, 03151, Украина, Киев
+380 (44) 227-54-90
ул. Саперно-слободская,10, Киев, Украина, Киев

Кратко об организации

Компания Index Finance Limited из Киева предлагает клиентам товары и услуги в сфере деятельности Промышленное оборудование. Располагается по адресу Киев, Киев, Украина в Киеве. Связаться с представителем компании Index Finance Limited по всем вопросам вы можете по телефону +380 (93) 8142441, на сайте